Creatively brilliant and strategically superb - meet our leadership team...

Heidi Krupp

Founder and CEO, Heidi Krupp, is a powerhouse in the world of marketing, promotion, and media. For 25 years, her namesake PR agency has helped people and brands reach new heights by using intuition to create a vision and data to deliver results. By consciously connecting her network of influencers, media, and personalities, she has cultivated unparalleled relationships across the industry, advocating for clients and the media. Throughout the course of her career, Heidi has chosen to work with people and brands that do good in the world. She has also used her outstanding talents to generate over 100 bestsellers, many of which have landed at launch in the coveted #1 spot on the NYTimes esteemed list.

Terri Kayden
VP, Media Relations

With over two decades of experience, Terri is a highly accomplished, results-driven media relations and campaign strategist. With outstanding media relations across all verticals, Terri develops and executes strategies to elevate top-tier thought leaders, CEOs, authors, and influencers.

Darren Lisiten

Darren Lisiten is responsible for managing agency operations, financial forecasting, contracts, and agency business strategy. A longtime entrepreneur, Darren has over 20 years of experience in business development, sales, business management, and operations.

Before joining Krupp, Darren was the owner and founder of Seventh Sense, an expansive product line of personal accessories and home adornments. He built the business from concept to global distribution, overseeing all company operations design, distribution, and manufacturing. 

Jennifer Garbowski
Director, Business Development & Client Relations

With experience in both corporate and thought leadership public relations across a diversified field of verticals, Jenn has cultivated her expertise at Krupp for over 22 years.

Jenn skillfully serves the needs of all business prospects, seamlessly welcomes new clients onto the Krupp roster, and manages ongoing relationships for all those in the Krupp family.

Her hands-on experience in strategy development, media relations, book publishing, and literary agenting, along with her deep understanding of Krupp’s methods and values, allows Jenn to be an exceptional asset and advocate for Krupp clients and prospects alike.

Unsurpassed creativity, connections and collaboration. Always seeing around corners while relentlessly pushing for possibilities beyond. Heidi is a chicken who lays golden eggs!

— Marc Randolph, Co Founder Netflix, Author ‘That Will Never Work’

Heidi Krupp and her team at Krupp Kommunications landed me on national television and quality talk radio shows even BEFORE The South Beach Diet was launched…. Without a publicist like Heidi who understood that my book was a labor of love, along with her boundless enthusiasm, no one would have heard my message. I will be forever grateful.

— Dr. Arthur Agatston, M.D., Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller The South Beach Diet

Heidi is a consummate professional who tirelessly and passionately supports her clients’ dreams and missions. Her extensive networking talents and creative skills make her an invaluable person on your team, allowing you to curate your career with tremendous flexibility and a range of options that others would only dream of having. Once Heidi has your back, she stands by you all the way! I couldn’t praise her enough! She is truly a wonderful human being!

— Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Acclaimed Author, International Speaker, Clinical Psychologist, Wisdom Teacher

Heidi Krupp and the team at Krupp secured my first National TV appearance, launched many of my bestselling books, and helped me become one of the biggest bestselling authors and trusted thought leaders. They are the only agency you need when launching a business, book, or brand.

— David Bach, NYT Bestselling Author

We were immediately drawn to the authenticity and energy of Krupp. They are master strategists and know how and when to pivot effectively. No one has the connections, knowledge, and tools like Krupp. We highly recommend them!

— Allison Waksman, Head of Global Brand PR, Mindvalley

I can’t thank Heidi and her team enough for their advice, guidance, and effort on behalf of me and my book. I’m so glad I chose them as my PR firm!! Krupp did a superb job. Heidi opened my eyes to the importance of social media and helped me start building a following. She forced me to open my eyes and think of my book as a vehicle for something I could accomplish for myself personally, building out my profile in the world and positioning myself for a new chapter. My life will be forever richer as a result of your guidance.

— David S. Pottruck, Chairman, HighTower

I’ve had an amazing year working with K2. My tireless team was always reachable, responsive, and engaged, which made me feel very well taken care of.   This was my first experience hiring a publicist, so I can only gauge it by the way they made me feel (important!) and the comments from other people about all the great press my film HEAL was getting. My distributor told me that he has never seen a PR team do so well for an independent film!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Heidi, who shares my deep passion for health and wellness, and the entire Krupp team.  Because of them, my film got the press coverage it deserved.

— Kelly Noonan Gores, Director/Writer/Producer, HEAL Documentary

Krupp Kommunications has been integral to the growth of our company, and their strong understanding of public relations and marketing has helped us build our foundation as leaders in the health and publishing industries.

— Ben Wolin, CEO, Co-Founder, Everyday Health

Working with Krupp is a truly unique experience that transcends the typical client/agency relationship. Much more than just a business transaction, engaging the Krupp team feels like seamlessly adding a whole new arsenal of intelligent, collaborative, and well-connected professionals to your existing staff. Heidi is a true visionary, who works synergistically with her team to creatively utilize every avenue possible to maximize the full potential of the Vibrant brand. Her team is that rare combination of “jack-of-all-trades” and masters of them as well. They are truly the full package.

— Lauren Stibgen, VP, Vibrant /International Capital Investment Company