Telling the untold story of Netflix

Marc Randolph is the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, where he served until 2004. As Netflix grew, Marc’s co-founder Reed Hastings became the “face” of the company, while Marc pulled back from corporate life to spend more time with his family, and continue his work as a serial investor and mentor to entrepreneurs.

Unsurpassed creativity, connections, and collaboration. Always seeing around corners while relentlessly pushing for possibilities beyond.

Heidi is a chicken who lays golden eggs

Marc’s 2019 book “That will Never Work” pulls back the curtain on the true, untold story of Netflix’s founding, chronicling the media giant’s early days as a startup and offering advice to help business owners grow and succeed. Marc hired Krupp to launch the book and build his thought leadership platform.


We developed a comprehensive communications plan, which included a pre-launch strategy of embargoing the book until the publication date and offering an exclusive to The Wall Street Journal to run a full week ahead of all other media. We further told the story using exclusive unpublished photos and coordinated support from high-level influencers to exponentially increase Marc’s audience reach.


Marc added the title Best Seller to his list of accolades
More than 60 placements secured to run during launch week
Within 6 months of launch, Marc had been quoted in more than 200 outlets
~2B media impressions. Over 260 media placements - across print, broadcast, and top tier podcasts
Marc has become a regular go-to television contributor
Launched top podcast based on the book of the same name

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